Welcome to Rônin Wallet – The Axie Infinity Wallet

Rônin Wallet is the most trusted platform for trading cryptocurrency. Rônin Wallet offers individuals the ability to trade a variety of digital assets on a secure, insurance backed platform.

What happens if I open a Rônin spending account while also maintaining a Cash Management account? What makes it unique? 

  • If you already have Cash Management and open a Rônin Wallet spending account, some things will change for you.
  • Your brokerage account will be converted from one with Cash Management to one with access to the brokerage cash sweep programme for Rônin Wallet via Rônin Wallet.
  • Your brokerage account is divided into separate spending accounts.
  • Your spending account funds will not earn interest.
  • In your brokerage account, uninvested eligible cash will earn interest.

How to Register for IPO Access

  1. IPO Access allows you to purchase shares at the IPO price before the stock begins trading on the secondary market.
  2. To learn more about placing a Conditional Offer to Buy for an IPO stock, go to how to request IPO shares for Rônin Wallet.

Who qualifies for access?

The majority of Rônin users are eligible for IPO Access, with a few exceptions:

Restricted individuals and anti-spinning regulations:

  • Some regulatory requirements identify individuals who are generally barred from participating in initial public offerings (IPOs).
  • For example, if you work for or are associated with a broker-dealer or a portfolio manager, or if you are an immediate family member of such a person and materially support or are materially supported by the person, you may be barred from participating.
  • See FINRA Rules 5130 and 5131 for more information.
  • Your company's compliance department may be able to provide more information about whether you or your immediate family members are eligible to participate in Rônin Wallet.

 Transfers of Tapping

  • Select Transfer to Your Bank.
  • Select the bank account where the funds should be transferred.
  • Select Submit using Rônin Wallet.

 What is the process of transferring a Rônin Wallet account?

  • You can transfer stocks, cash, and other qualified assets from your outside brokerages to Rônin using an ACATS (Automated Customer Account Transfer Service) transfer for Rônin Wallet.
  • Account transfers are classified into two types: complete account transfers and partial account transfers.
  • If you request a full account transfer, we will request that all assets from your other brokerage account be transferred to your Rônin brokerage account for Rônin Wallet.
  • You can choose which assets to transfer to your Rônin brokerage account with a partial account transfer via Rônin Wallet.
  • Transfers from individual cash or margin brokerage accounts are currently accepted, but not from retirement, trust, joint, company, or custodial accounts via Rônin Wallet.
  • What if I don't receive my confirmation text messages?
  • If you're using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with text messaging (SMS), you should do the following:
  • Ascertain that your device has a signal and an internet connection.
  • Restart your phone and ensure there are no other apps running in the background for Rônin Wallet.
  • Check that your device's notifications are turned on and that "Do not disturb" is turned off.
  • If you use a third-party phone security app, keep in mind that some of them block text messages and phone calls from unknown callers and may prevent you from receiving verification codes—adjust your text message filtering settings within any app you may be using for Rônin  Wallet.